Atlanta Georgia Parks That You Should Visit When You Go There

People that go to Atlanta are often thinking about the city. They are going to look for tours, restaurants, and shows. But they may not be thinking about is checking out the different parks that are all throughout the city that you can visit on a daily basis. Some of them are quite large, whereas others are more small and intimate. It just depends on what you are looking for. You can find reviews of the different parks that are currently offered. Let’s look at how you can find this information and decide which parks you should visit while you are in Atlanta.

Popular Parks In Atlanta

One of the most popular parks that you can go to, and definitely the most popular, is the Centennial Olympic Park. It was started back in 1996, during the Olympics, and it has now become a central focus. Another one you may want to consider visiting is the Historic Fourth Ward Park. It is a place that many people go. If you are looking for something that is more focused on flowers and greenery, the Atlanta Botanical Garden is a wonderful place to be.

Are There Other Parks To Visit?

Some of the other parks that you may want to consider going to include Grant Park, Cascade Springs, and Piedmont Park. Other choices will include Lullpark, Woodruff Park and Freedom Park. Although these are smaller, they do have a lot to offer. Some of them are going to be by waterways that you can enjoy. If you have come from a larger metropolitan area than Atlanta, you might be amazed at how many waterways are actually nearby. The parks that are there often do not get a lot of press, but they are definitely worth visiting.

If you are going to be visiting Atlanta for several weeks, you should visit as many of the parks as you can. It’s a wonderful place, a destination that has so much to offer in terms of both metropolitan buildings and parks with lots of greenery. If your goal is to relax, parks are a wonderful place to forget about the troubles of your life. Whether you go to a large one, or one that is smaller, they always have a way of making a person feel better once they are there, and long after they are done.