Things You Likely Don’t Know About Atlanta Georgia

Atlanta Georgia has a very strong history when it comes to events in the United States. In addition to the past, it also is now a major metropolitan area that is the home of countless international companies that fuel the local and national economy. Here are just a few things that you may not know about this great city.

While many are well aware of the fact that this city was greatly affected by the Civil War, many do not know just how much. Atlanta was a hotbed for those that were for the succeeding of the south from the union. This meant that a great deal of politics occurred here, but a great deal of the war was determined in this area as well. Sadly, once the war reached the city it was mostly burned to the ground by Union troops. This led to a devastation of the population that called it home as well as the loss of history that can never be replaced.

Fortunately, Atlanta Georgia was able to rebound from this event and did so with great passion. In the years that followed they were able to encourage businesses of all sorts to make the city their home, but that did not come without controversy. In fact, the next civil movement, known as the Civil Rights Movement, actively played out in the city. Fortunately, what at that time was considered a hateful area has since become very diverse with pride. This city shows that time can heal many wounds.

The city is now the home of a large number of major corporations, which does a great deal to continue to allow the area to prosper. Many are unaware of the fact that CNN is actually primarily located there. They even allow people to come and see what they do on a daily basis. There are few that could have imagined just a few decades ago that one of the most liberal media outlets would call this city home. It truly speaks to the progress that can be made in a short time frame.

Atlanta Georgia is a beautiful city that often does not get the credit that it deserves. It is a wonderful place to vacation as well as live. The economy is thriving and the number of things to do really set it apart from other cities in this country.